1. Company
    Cason Bridges, Diego Valle, Cantos, Mr. Bremson

  2. Orbits
    Thomas Genchev

  3. Dub Chronicles
    Mr. Bremson, Miagma

  4. Pressure
    Chad Lock, JohnLuc Jubert

  5. Joey
    Diego Valle

  6. El Puerto
    R Frederick, Guti Legatto

  7. Ilusiones

  8. Danca Da Floresta
    Mac Skinner, Lana Johnson

  9. LTHM Essentials Vol 4
    Various Artist

  10. Galactic Sandcastles
    Diego Valle

  11. The Hunter
    BFLY, George JJ Flores

  12. Secret Ritual
    R Frederick & Guti Legatto

  13. Tiny Robots
    Mr. Bremson, Diego Valle

  14. Maybe From Mars Part 2

  15. Think Positive
    Jorick Croes, Diego Valle

  16. Hypnotik Basement

  17. Give Me Love

  18. MiHi
    esven, Diego Valle

  19. The Sagas
    Danny Satori + Brem

  20. Rheah & Lofny

  21. North B Street Warehouse

  22. Narwhal
    Sink Faucet

  23. Sexy Talk
    Mod Perron, Cantos, Mr. Bremson

  24. Roots
    Mr. Bremson

  25. Endorphins
    Saad Ska

  26. Space Paradox
    Daladje, Daladier Bach, Viteri

  27. Melancholyc Dream

  28. Incubi And Succubi
    The Company Soundsystem, alice.km, Darelectric, Panooc

  29. Inaweza Kuwaka (May Heat)
    Sal Negro

  30. LTHM 100
    Various Artist

  31. Terra Nova

  32. Series Of Negatives
    Mod Perron, Diego Valle

  33. Obsession
    Paniz69, Guti Legatto

  34. Maybe From Mars

  35. Kalium
    Mr. Bremson, Diego Valle

  36. Void
    George JJ Flores, Diego Valle, Cantos, Mr. Bremson

  37. 2nd & Jackson
    Cantos, Diego Valle, Brandon Plank

  38. Summer Sol
    Mr. Bremson

  39. Panoptical Metropolix
    nomadic-arts, Mod Perron

  40. Tôt d'Eau Boyard

  41. Earproof
    Dirty9, Gus What

  42. 24 Hours
    Diego Valle, Mr. Bremson

  43. Distance
    Luke Hazell, Origins Of Time, Younes Bekkari

  44. Get Burnt
    Garzia, Andre Nazareth, Christian Thomas, Kon Up, Krugel

  45. Do It Again
    Prince.L, Gabriele Monica, E.T.H. (Italy), Brandon Andrews

  46. Making Time
    Torin Lawson, Ed Whitty

  47. The Messenger

  48. Wappa
    Daniel Meister

  49. Impressions
    EJ Flores, Diego Valle, Mr. Bremson, George JJ Flores

  50. Burnin'
    Diego Valle, Mr. Bremson, Cantos, George JJ Flores, Dick J

  51. Evil Kidz

  52. Dirty Diana
    Prince.L, Guti Legatto

  53. Intention
    Luke Hunter

  54. Jumping
    Lorenzo Di Maria, Marco Flashbax

  55. Thought It Was A Dream
    Corporate Fony, Diego Valle, Mr. Bremson, Mista Neilo

  56. Release Me
    Ivo Jacobs, Stephanie Kay, Jorick Croes, Uncle G

  57. Beyond My Mind
    Reezak, Dirty9


LTHM Sacramento, California

LTHM founder Diego Valle started the imprint in the summer of 2012, to create a collective of innovative and forward- thinking music pieces for audiences worldwide. With a main focus in the genres of Deep House, Deep Tech, Tech House, Minimal and Techno. ... more

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